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DHL Bangalore Express Courier Services follow the strict privacy issues present online. As a courier company, we believe that it is necessary to be aware of how one treats the details received from you, especially on the Internet.

Generally, you can visit the DHL Bangalore Express Courier Service on the World Wide Web, without informing us you who and even providing any detail about yourself. Sometimes there would be situations where one would require details from you like your name and address.
In times of need for such details, we would inform you, especially during the time of the collection, when it is necessary to have such details. Now whenever the information is required, we would let you be aware in advance, and that would be at the time of collection, and you get the need for collecting such details.

Commonly, we use or need such details for having a better understanding about your requirements and help you with getting a customized service. Also, we would not retain the detail for longer than necessary. Frankly, we won’t be collecting any of your ‘sensitive personal details or information’ that is defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011. Also, we strongly insist that you should not disclose such details on our website or even share them with other users through our site.

Frankly, when you are submitting your personalized details to us, you are representing to us the information that is true, accurate. Also, it would be current in all kinds of respects. Plus, you are granting all the unconditional consent for the collection, storage and even the usage of the personal details.
Here you can review the details provided by you all the time. Also, you could have the option to update the same to make sure that it is accurate. Keep in mind that no warranties, guarantees and even representations are done by us for any kind of accuracy, reliability, adequacy, and completeness of the details provided by you.


Our site follows good amount of reasonable security measures. That helps to secure the misuse or loss and other kind of alterations of details under our control. Here the data would be stored just behind the firewall, where you can gain restricted access for authorizing DHL Bangalore Courier personnel.
Well, through all these measures that are taken to make sure for the safety and safety of your details, you would be able to know that there could be chances where certain instances of the personal information would be disclosure. Also, you can have a full understanding of the risk associated with the fully disclosure of the personal details on the whole forum.


You do need to understand that there is no amount of compulsion for you to provide us with any kind of personal details and any and all the personal details provided by you to us. All the details provided are by full consent and own violation and desire to give us such details that are personal.


By coming to and logging to our site, you consent that the information is provided to a third party. That makes it a legally-compliant request for disclosure. Also, it clearly shows that you comply with the applicable law and that the information can be transferred to these details for business and commercial needs.
If you are objecting to the details that are transferred or maybe used in the manner that is specified, then you are requested to avoid using it.


You would be having certain questions and doubts regarding the privacy statement. Even you can have certain doubts regarding the practices and dealings with the website, just contact us.


DHL Bangalore would be having links to other sites. We strive to link to only those websites that have and share the high standards and respect for privacy that we provide. Also, we are not as a whole responsible for the content or the privacy practices provided by those sites.

There would be users linking to this site and they were would be linking to such sites must go through the privacy policy and the terms of usage of such sites. It is necessary to use them just before you use the services of such sites.